The Mainstream Media Project thanks those who supported us.


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Have you ever been interviewed on radio? Do you see broadcast media as part of your overall media strategy?  Radio is an often untapped, low cost and effective way to reach thousands of voters and policy makers with new dialogue and ideas on reform. There are monthly, weekly and daily programs looking to schedule interviews with knowledgeable and interesting people to discuss important issues. How can you access the airwaves?

The Mainstream Media Project is a one-of-a-kind guest booking service offered at no charge to radio and TV stations across the country as well as Internet outlets. We provide media access to a diverse selection of experts working for social justice and increased public awareness on issues from affirmative action to WMD’s and seeking solutions to local, national and international problems. In thirteen years we have booked over 23,000 interviews.

Getting access to the media is only a piece of the communications puzzle. Once you have access, it is vital to have a well spoken, articulate and interesting spokesperson who can relay your message in a way listeners find compelling, moving them to action. Passionately relaying information through stories we can all relate to is a powerful way to get your message through.

The Mainstream Media Project offers talk radio media trainings to organizations nationwide. Our trainings are conducted over a free teleconference line and are recorded in studio. We then create and distribute CD copies of our trainings to trainees, this way trainees can listen to the CD to refresh their skills any time they want into perpetuity.

During our training, titled “From Advocate to Expert”, you will learn the basics of interview preparation, how to find media outlets and pitch your experience as expertise and how to be a great interview subject. This training gives practical tips to ensure a good interview, no matter the subject or host.