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Health and Community

On October 1st, open enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace begins.
A new poll of African Americans on reproductive health issues has found that African
 Women voters strongly support enactment of the new health care law. However, women are not single-issue voters, and economic issues are a major factor in this election for every voter regardless of gender or economic status. It’s important to remember that healthcare is one of the...
Español Starting August 1st, insurance companies will begin covering women’s preventive care, sexual health screenings, and contraception without extra charges. Crucial services the new healthcare law requires - without co-pays or without cost-sharing are:  
With the U.S. Supreme Court decision expected imminently on the fate of the 2010 healthcare law, nurses, physicians, and healthcare activists will begin a three-week tour of California cities Tuesday as a reminder that the healthcare crisis continues to worsen and genuine, comprehensive reform...
 Sunday May 13th is Mother’s Day and the first day of National Women’s Health Week. An impressive coalition of women’s organizations are celebrating by raising awareness about the many benefits women and families have gained from the Affordable Care Act. The new health care...
Español  Medical devices and medications have the ability to improve your health if they work—or seriously injure or kill you if they are dangerous. We depend on Food and Drug Administration (FDA) scientists to use their expertise to approve drugs and devices that are safe and...
 As the baby boomer generation ages, the way we provide long-term care for older Americans will change with them. A new poll from NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Harvard School of Public Health suggests that most people over the age of 50 are concerned about their care options for...
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