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 Though the first Presidential Debate held October 3 was focused on the economy, the deficit, and cuts to spending, it accomplished nothing towards clarifying the heated debate in Washington over an enormous part of our economic challenge: The Defense Budget. Candidate Mitt Romney declared...
Español  The Super Committee formed through the Budget Control Act of 2011 has until November 23rd to recommend $1.5 trillion in deficit reductions. Any serious proposal to shrink the deficit must include cuts to the national security budget, which, barring war-related spending has increased...
 The 2008 housing crisis sent shockwaves rippling throughout the American economy. It clearly demonstrated how interconnected every part of the economy is and that a sustainable recovery can only come if every part of the economy is strengthened.
The debt ceiling debate escalates as the August 2nd deadline approaches. Why are deep cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, that would have a devastating effect on the elderly and the future well being of the working class, being discussed vehemently while the single largest discretionary...
On November 15, the leaders of 20 nations and the major multilateral economic institutions will gather behind closed doors in Washington to discuss the future of the global economy. Led by outgoing President George W. Bush, this summit will take place as the global economy is teetering on the edge...
The House of Representatives on Monday rejected a $700 billion bailout of the American financial industry that was pushed by the Bush Administration and endorsed by both presidential candidates. In rapid response, the Dow Jones closed with a record loss of 777 points, one of the worst drops since...
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