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 Every day, global population grows by around 228,000.
As global population reaches another milestone (7 billion predicted by late October), the media is taking notice. National Geographic is running a year-long series of articles examining population issues. Their partner in this reporting is none other than the PBS News Hour. Just a few weeks ago,...
While the country and the Congress debate our future direction in reversing global warming and providing health care to all Americans, policy-makers and the public alike continue to ignore the major impact of our rapidly expanding population. The United States’ population is now over 306...
As Earth Week winds down, we need to carefully consider the major environmental impacts of the rapidly rising U.S. population. What would happen if all the citizens of Mexico and Canada crossed into the United States tomorrow morning? Sounds impossible, right? Yet if this unlikely event did occur,...
The Presidential race is entering its final phase, and the campaigns have focused more on personality and style than on substantial issues. Environmental and energy concerns have been largely absent, aside from a bruising debate about oil drilling. And we continue to sidetrack any meaningful...
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