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“The shift from media controlled by a few, to media owned by all of us portends revolution as great as that which followed the invention of the printing press.” —David Hoffman, author Citizens Rising: Independent Media and the Spread of Democracy 
 Mainstream Media Project's own Jimmy Durchslag (Executive Director) and Naihma Deady (Spanish Language Media Coordinator) were interviewed Friday on KWMR's Barrio Vibes. In this bilingual program, Jimmy and Naihma discuss the work our organization does, the challenges of bringing broad...
 Naihma Deady, Latino Media Coordinator for Mainstream Media Project has been selected as one of 12 MillerCoors Líderes for her exceptional contributions to the Latino community. The public can visit now through October 19 to vote for her.
Few know that what we call Mother’s Day in America originated as a day to celebrate peace. It was originally named Mother's Day for Peace, and traces its roots to a plea for peace after the Civil War. Ann Marie Jarvis, a West Virginian mother of eleven, 8 of whom died, organized Mothers Day...
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