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Our Services

Media Alerts

MMP creates and distributes one or two-week media alerts on a wide range of economic, environmental, social and global security issues to local, regional and national radio programs, as well as TV, print and online resources. Our five Media Coordinators circulate our releases and coordinate interviews between guests and hosts. MMP provides hosts with the material needed to understand the issues at hand through web resources on our blog (link to blog), talking points (link to blog talking points) developed by our program coordinator, the expertise of our staff and participating organizations and spokespeople. This enables small radio stations to compete with larger mainstream media stations by having equal access to information they might not otherwise know about. This also allows larger outlets like national and international media to have more in depth coverage of important issues, influencing the coverage in the mainstream media.

Media Training

Advocates, experts and grassroots organizers are often the most compelling spokespeople, but may lack the media savvy to deliver the message. MMP Media Training provides the tools for spokespeople to deliver clear and compelling messages to listening and viewing audiences. Our media trainings are conducted via toll-free conference call, saving time and money for busy organizations. The trainings are recorded in studio, and we send out a complimentary CD copy to all participants to use into perpetuity, so they can brush up whenever they need to, or can share what they learned with other experts at their organization. More info and training sign up

Support for Events

An “event” can be defined as a specific occasion--a conference, seminar or forum--or the release of a document--report, op-ed, article or book. MMP staff works to tie the release of important information or events to current and relevant news, garnering the most media interest by building on what is already in the news.

Rapid Response  

What we also call “response to news headlines,” rapid response means providing analysts who are on call to comment on current news stories and give in depth information and alternative analysis to media outlets as news is breaking. Rapid Response stays ahead of the news curve and utilizes experts who are generally available and able to quickly respond to interview requests.

Additional Services

MMP works with organizations to provide and build communications capacity as needed, including help with messaging, strategy and media campaign planning. We also coordinate collaborating organizations with shared goals and facilitate their group process to make sure they reach their designated target audience. Since the media coordinators work regions of the country, including Spanish language outlets, all MMP services can be targeted to reach specific demographics or geographic areas.

Contact Us

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