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Feb 25, 14
Are Undocumented Youth closer to citizenship or still living in a nightmare?
Dec 18, 13
Mississippi alliance fights for workers of all races regardless of citizenship
Español While the debate about immigration continues in congress, we hear very little about the role of mass incarceration and racial profiling in immigration enforcement. Around the country, we continue to enact laws that criminalize people...
Dec 09, 13
Does U.S. Immigration Enforcement Ignore the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?
Nov 25, 13
At Last minute, Iran and World Powers come to Agreement
Early Sunday Morning, November 24, the P5 + 1 signed an agreement with Iran that will provide some sanction relief in exchange for limitations to Iran’s nuclear program. According to the White House, Iran commits to halting uranium enrichment...
Nov 07, 13
All sides are committed to keep talking, assuming nobody makes a misstep
UPDATE: After three days of intense talks in Geneva, the P5+1 and Iran have ended without an agreement. However, all sides are committed to closing the gaps between them and achieving a breakthrough “first phase” deal.
Nov 05, 13
fixing immigration requires a big-picture approach
For the next three weeks, border communities in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas will be telling the stories of the effect of border militarization on their communities.
Oct 29, 13
Book by Internews founder explores how New Media is changing the world
“The shift from media controlled by a few, to media owned by all of us portends revolution as great as that which followed the invention of the printing press.” —David Hoffman, author Citizens Rising: Independent Media and the...
Oct 13, 13
Is there a chance of coming to a deal with Iran over their nuclear program by easing sanctions?
Iran is preparing a package of proposals for the meeting of the P5 + 1 in Geneva on Oct. 15.
Oct 08, 13
Sierra Club works to move America to truly clean energy sources
This week the Sierra Club and a growing coalition of local, regional and national allies announced the retirement of its 150th coal plant -- a significant milestone in the ongoing campaign to move the country beyond coal no later than 2030.
Sep 30, 13
Organizations all over the country are mobilizing for Immigration reform