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Daryl Kimball

Arms Control Association
Executive Director
Areas of Expertise: 
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, nuclear weapons, Congressional legislation on nuclear testing, test ban negotiations, NGO campaigns for the test ban treaty, Korea
Notable Publications/Publishers: 

Who Needs the Nuclear Test Ban with Rebecca Johnson, Disarmament Diplomacy, July-August 2001; "National Missile Defences and Arms Control after Clinton's NMD Decision, in Disarmament Forum, journal of the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research, Vol 1, 2001; "End the test ban limbo," Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, January 2001; "The 1999 Senate Debate Over the CTBT," in the Lawyers Alliance for World Security White Paper on the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, November 2000; "What Went Wrong: Repairing the Damage to the CTBT," Arms Control Today, December 1999; "U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy at the End of the Century: Lost Opportunities and New Dangers," Foreign Policy In Focus, September 1999; "The Test Ban Treaty on the Eve of the Article XIV Conference on Entry Into Force," Disarmament Diplomacy, May 1999; and "Holding the CTBT Hostage in the Senate: The 'Stealth' Strategy of Helms and Lott," Arms Control Today, July 1998.

Daryl Kimball (DC): Executive Director, Arms Control Association; Former Executive Director, Coalition to Reduce Nuclear Dangers; Former Director of Security Programs, Physicians for Social Responsibility; wrote “The Logic of the Test Ban Treaty” (5/2009); Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, congressional legislation on nuclear testing, test ban negotiations, nuclear nonproliferation