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Download Clips and PSAs for your broadcast

 The Mainstream Media Project offers PSAs in English and Spanish on various issues. Click the links below to download 30 and 60 second mp3s for your broadcast.


Border States Immigration Rallies


These PSAs announce events to promote awareness of immigration issues and their impact in border states. Download your PSAs here


ACLU South Carolina PSAs- Immigration Reform/Know Your Rights


The English PSAs from the ACLU draw attention to the unfair, nonfunctional immigration system, and the need for comprehensive, common sense reform. The Spanish PSAs provide tips for people who are detained by the police to help protect their rights, regardless of their immigration status. Download your PSAs here


South Carolina Lindsey Graham Bipartisanship PSA


Senator Lindsey Graham is under attack for his bipartisan efforts for common-sense immigration reform. This PSA highlights his efforts and the attack ads against him

South Carolina SB20 Know-Your-Rights PSAs

A federal judge in Charleston, South Carolina affirmed the December 2011 ruling that some parts of South Carolina's SB20 are unconstitutional while upholding the contraversial "show me your papers" portion. This series of PSAs alerts the public that they still may be asked for proof of their immigration status if stopped by the police, and encourages them to document and report civil rights abuses related to SB20.Download South Carolina SB20 Know-Your-Rights PSAs here


Alabama HB56 School PSAs

A federal court blocked most of the anti-immigrant law HB56 in Alabama, including the provision related to collecting information on the legal status of students attending public schools. This PSA provides a hotline number to the Immigrant Justice Project for more information on the law and the movment to repeal HB56. Download Alabama HB56 School PSAs here


Alabama HB658

Alabama HB658, a new law passed May 18th, changes portions of current state law HB56. This series of PSAs, available in English and Spanish, outlines some of the changes and provides an 800 number for people to call if they suspect their rights under the new law are being violated.

These files are free to use in your radio program, public event, or other audio programming. They are available as 30 or 60 second PSAs, and are in both English and Spanish. Download "Alabama HB658" PSAs here.

HB 56 and Housing

This set of PSAs clears up some of the misconceptions about the rights of people who rent their housing or live in a mobile home park, regardless of their immigration status. These PSAs are available in English and Spanish. Download "HB 56 and Housing" PSAs here.


HB56 Awareness (Alabama)

 Alabama passed its extreme anti-immigrant law HB 56 on June 2, 2011. Three groups – a coalition of civil rights organizations, the federal government, and churches – filed lawsuits challenging HB 56. On September 28, 2011, the District Court issued three decisions saying certain parts of the law will go forward and other parts will be stopped for now. These PSAs help clear up which parts of the law are in effect and offer an 800 number to call to report any illegal actions related to HB56. Download "HB56 Awareness" PSAs here.

Know Your Rights - Alabama

These PSAs are specific to HB56, the Arizona-style immigration law, and lays out some of the basics of a person's right when dealing with the police. It also provides a number your listeners can call for more information on their rights. These PSAs are available in English and Spanish. Download "Rights Alabama" PSAs here.


Know Your Rights

These PSAs lay out some of the basics of a person's rights when dealing with the police, with a focus on those being investigated for their immigration status. Download "Rights" PSAs in English and Spanish here.



Notario Fraud

In some Latin American countries, a notario is a lawyer or a public official, but in the United States, it is simply someone legally able to witness and certify documents. They are not authorized or qualified to help with immigration law-related matters. Many are well-meaning but misinformed, but others are deliberately trying to scam members of your listenership with promises of a quick route to legal immigration status. These PSAs raise awareness about "Notario Fraud" and are available in Spanish and English. Download "Notarios" PSAs here.