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Foreign Policy/National Security/Nuclear Nonproliferation

Early Sunday Morning, November 24, the P5 + 1 signed an agreement with Iran that will provide some sanction relief in exchange for limitations to Iran’s nuclear program. According to the White House, Iran commits to halting uranium enrichment above 5 percent, will eliminate its stockpile of...
UPDATE: After three days of intense talks in Geneva, the P5+1 and Iran have ended without an agreement. However, all sides are committed to closing the gaps between them and achieving a breakthrough “first phase” deal.
Iran is preparing a package of proposals for the meeting of the P5 + 1 in Geneva on Oct. 15.
Clashes between Egyptian security forces and supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi makes Wednesday, August 14th the country's bloodiest single day since the 2011 revolution that ousted the previous president, Hosni Mubarak.
June 14 will mark the end of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s two terms in office and a new leader will be at the forefront of Iranian politics. The eight male candid
 The election is over and control of Congress remains largely unchanged. The vow from all sides to find a way to reach bipartisan agreement this time around will be tested immediately.
 In his nomination speech at the Democratic National Convention, President Obama said the U.S. Commitment to Israel’s security must remain strong and the world must stay united against Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu recently signaled that Israel might...
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