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Showdown with Iran?

UK removes diplomats from Tehran, EU set to ban Iranian oil imports, explosions rock nuclear compound near Isfahan

Showdown with Iran?

 Breaking News: The British government has closed its embassy in Tehran and evacuated its diplomats following attacks on its offices this week by Iranian protesters.  Further, the U.K. has moved to expel Iranian diplomats from London.  Following reports of an explosion near the Isfahan nuclear facility on Monday that Iranian officials first reported and then denied, the BBC has released satellite photos showing a demolished Revolutionary Guard base in Iran, confirming reports of an explosion in early November.  It is suspected that Israel could be behind the explosions.  The Australian quoted Israeli Intelligence Minister Dan Meridor as commenting about the explosions, "There are countries who impose economic sanctions and there are countries who act in other ways in dealing with the Iranian nuclear threat."


This Thursday foreign ministers of the European Union will consider a ban on Iranian oil imports, the latest in mounting economic pressures against that country.   Last week, following actions by Canada, Britain, the United States declared Iran’s financial sector a “money laundering concern,” and outlined more sanctions designed to isolate Iran from the world community.  Announced by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, the move is in response to the Nov. 8  report from The International Atomic Energy Agency detailing Iran’s continued attempts to develop nuclear weapons technology.  Spokespersons from the Iranian government called the latest restrictions, which would further cripple Iran’s economy, a “lose-lose game,” and maintained that the actions would be “in vain.”