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Founded in 1995, the Mainstream Media Project (MMP) is a project of the Arts of Peace, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. MMP is a unique news analysis and in-depth commentary service with the flexibility to be able to respond quickly to a rapidly shifting news climate in order to take advantage of the media’s flickering attention to various issues. We concentrate on bringing new angles, broader approaches and solution-oriented analysis into regional and national debates on a wide range of economic, environmental, social and global security issues. The project focuses on current news events to bring the attention of radio producers and their listening publics to the larger questions surrounding these issues.

The Mainstream Media Project produces and releases ‘Media Alerts’ that frame an issue in light of current events, pegged to breaking headlines. Each alert offers dozens of insightful guests for interviews to public and commercial radio and TV outlets nationwide. Since 1995, MMP has booked over 24,000 radio and TV interviews. MMP works with 49 national and 14 international networks, 26 regional networks, and more than 800 individual stations, 380 of which are commercial.

Hosts of locally and nationally produced news and public affairs programming find that our services are essential in bringing new and diverse voices to the debate on national, international and regional issues. Guests we put on the air lend insight and unconventional analysis to the day’s news and also convey new perspectives on vital issues. We seek guest speakers who are pragmatic and solution-oriented, offering listeners tangible ways to increase their participation in civic activities, reduce personal impacts on the natural environment and make their voices heard in the corridors of power. Our program is backed by a database of over 3,000 leading policy analysts, big picture thinkers and pragmatic social innovators.

The Mainstream Media Project has proven especially useful to foundations, nonprofit organizations, and citizen coalitions interested in raising the level of public awareness of their initiatives, since many of these groups do not themselves possess the resources to mount such systematic media outreach. MMP represents a cost-effective means of informing a broader public about the vitally important but little-known work of many nongovernmental organizations and individuals. Our radio-based strategic media outreach complements media efforts by organizations that focus solely on print and television.

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Until April, 2009, MMP consisted of three separate but complimentary programs, A World of Possibilities, Educasting, and Guests on Call. Because of the differing focus of MMP’s programs and to more clearly define and execute the mission of each, A World of Possibilities and its companion service, Educasting, have spun off from the Mainstream Media Project and its parent organization, The Arts of Peace, Inc., to form A World of Possibilities, Inc, a project of Connexus Communications. Our interview scheduling and media support services continue as the sole project of the Arts of Peace and retains the Mainstream Media Project (MMP) as its primary identity. Jimmy Durchslag, National Media Coordinator since March, 2001, and the Director of the Guests on Call program since April 2006, serves as Executive Director. Jimmy Durchslag

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